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St John's (CE) Primary Academy

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Religious Education

Religious Education has a unique place as a subject which has equal standing to the core subjects of Literacy and Mathematics in the curriculum of St. John’s Primary Academy. 

The primary focus in RE lessons at St. John’s is to engage, inspire and challenge pupils, giving them opportunities to explore questions arising from the study of religion and belief, in order to promote their personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We further aim to provide learners with knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other religious traditions and beliefs represented in the United Kingdom. We seek to develop their understanding of the ways in which beliefs influence people in their behaviour, practices and outlook. We also aim to enable learner to apply the insights of the principal religious traditions to their own search for identity and significance. We work to enabling them to become aware of their own beliefs and values and to have a positive attitude to the search for meaning and purpose in life. We seek to encourage learners to develop a positive attitude towards other people who hold religious beliefs that are different to their own and to those who hold no religious beliefs.

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